AO.COM Britain's Got Talent Sponsorship
In 2017 AO.COM sponsored BGT working with The Mob to deliver 30 sponsorship idents focused around the concept of the 'AO.COM Green Room'. 
The in-house production team were tasked with extending this campaign for direct response across digital and broadcast creating additional idents, 30 second spots, YouTube pre-rolls and social videos.
Main Idents
An example of the main BGT idents created by The Mob
The Cleanup Crew
But what happens after all the acts in green room have left? We explored this concept for YouTube pre-rolls introducing our audience to 2 of the cleanup crew

We were given one extra day in the studio to photograph the set and then filmed our guys at a later date and popped them into the set for some very self aware YouTube spots
‘Results are smashing all the benchmarks‘ - Google
'From a True View perspective, this is probably the best campaign I have seen in terms of beating benchmarks. VTR% is at 34.90% and the previous best I’ve seen was just over 23%.' - Mediacom
Deal Ads and Product Idents
We were also able to extend the set across both deal adverts, utilising the same creative to maintain consistency through the whole period. These were so well received that we were also tasked with creating more idents for before and after BGT in the same style.

Deals Advert

Deals advert

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